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About Scott Wolfrum

Scott Wolfrum is the managing director of Wolfrum Capital Management Group, where he oversees a small team of highly educated specialists and assets under management totaling $200 million. Scott also owns and runs Foundry Capital Group, a value-oriented investment management business. The company works to find catalyst-driven scenarios that will unlock value, frequently collaborating with management teams and boards of directors to identify and execute opportunities of value for shareholders.

During his undergraduate studies, Scott Wolfrum attended Indiana University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He began working as a financial adviser for Merrill Lynch in Indianapolis shortly after graduation. In this position, Scott was responsible for developing and maintaining his own portfolio of clients, and he advised his customers on risk considerations associated with investing choices in this capacity. Additionally, Scott utilized his years at the company to build an extensive network of peers and associates, allowing him to establish a well-deserved reputation as an astute adviser and dependable colleague.

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Each position that Scott Wolfrum has undertaken during his illustrious career has broadened his knowledge and experience. When he was with Wells Fargo Advisors, he worked as a financial adviser and a branch manager. Scott managed $3 billion in assets as the head of a 40-person team while simultaneously growing his own client accounts worth $200 million. At David A. Noyes & Co., Scott gained valuable knowledge on building carefully constructed client portfolios built on complete transparency and meaningful dialogues with clientele. While employed at Foundry Capital Group, LLC, Scott was responsible for the discretionary supervision of this small boutique company, which is considered to be one of the most customized consulting firms in America.

Scott has always believed that it’s important to have dreams so grand that they frighten you, and then pursue them relentlessly. He has always dedicated himself to personal excellence and fearlessness in the face of a challenge. It’s important to Scott that he be able to encourage his team members to pursue their own goals with ferocity, and that they seek to continuously improve their skills. Scott believes in the power of lifelong learning and seeks to provide opportunities for his employees to exceed their own abilities at every opportunity by letting them challenge themselves in the workplace.

He is strongly committed to creating effective teams that know how to work together and don’t shy away from innovative solutions. Scott has learned throughout his career that in order to stay at the forefront of any industry, it’s important to be constantly looking for ways to improve and serve your client base in new ways. In all of his ventures, Scott is committed to helping his team members provide the highest quality of service to their customers. This is achievable because both Capital Management Group, Foundry, and all of Scott’s other ventures are built on the principle of continuous improvement and creative thinking.

Warsaw Chemical Company appointed Scott Wolfrum as Chairman, who was responsible for the company’s strategic shift in direction. The business, which is well-known for its extensive line of cleaning chemicals for institutional and industrial applications, sought to highlight the progression of its goods from the 1940s to the present day. Warsaw wanted to highlight their humble beginnings and the fact that they began with a single hydrochloric acid bowl cleaner and a single hand cleanser. Currently, they offer more than 200 Car Choice® products around the globe made for self-serve, automated, and conveyor car washes. Scott performed due diligence and conducted a comprehensive advertising effort to raise awareness of the company’s new customer-friendly website as well as information about the company’s new product range. Visitors to the site have quick and straightforward access to datasheets for every product they offer and product news and literature for every item.

Scott is also a managing member of Elpis Opportunity Fund, formerly known as Foundry Mezzanine Opportunity Fund. His duties include fundraisers, making private investments, and overseeing all aspects of ongoing investment maintenance for a portfolio of roughly $30 million in assets under management.

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